Sabatini Firenze



Sabatini’s with its relaxed elegance and classic style still maintains today all the romantic charm which made it so famous when Florentine aristocracy, artists, politicians, entrepreneurs, actors and celebrities were its patrons. Nowadays, Sabatini offers its guests a contemporary dining experience while maintaining intact its long tradition of Flambé cuisine, of great visual impact and flavours, which completes a dining experience where the heritage of its history and traditions are still discernible today.

The traditional Tuscan cuisine

International influences, Italian flavours and many traditional Tuscan dishes. Culinary traditions are ‘enshrined’ but then transformed using only the finest of ingredients creating truly innovative dishes.
Sabatini crafts a unique ‘Food Experience’, by continually innovating and creating new dishes while at the same time respecting the traditions and heritage of this magical place.

The Restaurant

Sabatini Florence is the only restaurant in Italy today under the protection of the Italian Fine Arts Council. Its elegant main dining room can host up to 160 guests and offers views of its magnificent winter garden. Sabatini also has a smaller private dining room with seating for up to 65 patrons.

Upon entering Sabatini Florence, you are immediately making a connection with over a century of history. It is impossible not to be charmed by its ambience, brimming with personality, and where memories left by luminaries from the past, who chose Sabatini for their evening in the heart of the Renaissance, are still palpable.

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